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SUPERNATURAL Season 7 Episode 9 : How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

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Following up on a possible sighting of the 'Jersey Devil', Sam, Dean and Bobby attempt to figure out what monster is out killing campers in a local town, while staying off the grid to avoid being tracked by the Leviathans. During their research, Dean tries a new Turducken burger at a local burger joint, after he and Sam interview the local sheriff, who seems rather unfazed about the recent killings. The three hunters decide to hunt down the creature, coming across the remains of another sheriff who went missing recently. Calling in the new sheriff, he is also taken by the mystery creature; the creature is eventually shot by Bobby. The hunters soon learn that the monster is actually a vicious, hyperadrenalized human-zombie. As they discover this finding, Dean exhibits similar 'stoned' symptoms as th...


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